Workshops 2017/18

Topic Speaker(s) Venue Date Time Register
IELTS Study Group Mr. Ben Chadwick, Dr. Rebecca Ong, Ms. Flora Leung A204 Various Various Register
Writing Personal Statements Dr. Holly Chung A204 13 September 3pm-4pm Register
IELTS Talk British Council A401 14 September 3pm-4pm Register
Writing Personal Statements Dr. Rebecca Ong A204 19 September 1:30pm-2:30pm Register
Different Englishes Ms. Flora Leung, Dr. Amy Kong, Mr. Benjamin Chadwick A307 21 September 3pm-5pm Register
Grammar Workshop- Basic Sentence Structures and Word Forms Mr. Benjamin Chadwick A307 26 September 3pm-4:30pm Register
Great Movie Quotes Dr. Rebecca Ong October Register

Previous Workshops

2016/17, Semester 2

Workshop Facilitator Date Time Venue
British Culture Dr. Sue Yip 23/3/2017 2-3pm A215
Media Sensationalism Mr. Bryan Dowie 25/4/2017 1:30-2:30pm A311
Mechanics of style I: from the global conventions to the local application Dr. Clara Cheng 30/3/2017 2-3pm A307
Mechanics of style II: from the global conventions to the local application Dr. Clara Cheng 4/5/2017 2-3pm A308
Review Writing- Food Reviews Ms. Joyce Lee 20/3/2017 12:30-2pm A306
Personal Statement Writing Dr. Holly Chung 25/4/2017 3:30-4:30pm A215

2016/17, Semester 1

Workshop Speakers Date Time Venue
“Glo-Co” Radio Workshop Glo-Co Radio Team, Hattie, Madeline TUES September 20 3:00-4:00pm A308
Broadway Adaptations: From Printed Page to Centre Stage Madeline TUES September 27 10:30-12:00nn A307
Different Englishes Madeline, Amy, Flora THURS

October 6

3:00-5:00p.m. A307
Great Movie Quotes You Want to Know Rebecca TUES

October 18

1:30-2:30p.m. D501
An American Halloween Madeline MON

October 31

3:00-4:30pm A308
Proud Public Speaking, The TED Talks Way Madeline Wednesday

16 November

3:00-4:30pm A215