Student Voice

Feedback on our Workshops

"Lots of useful materials that raised the awareness of different Englishes."

"The workshop was very interesting! A series of workshops on the same topic can be held in the future."

"The teacher was passionate and taught lively. Really looking forward to attending her next workshop!"


"Rich in content and examples."

"Good preparation"

"nice teacher and well-prepared."

"I hope that more similar lessons will be provided in the future"


"Very good, I hope there will be more workshops on idioms or other useful English for our daily life! Thank you!"

"Very useful! :) Thank you!"

The teacher is so nice and friendly, I had so much fun in the lesson."

Feedback on our Cultural Tours

"Teachers are nice and enthusiastic. It's a great opportunity to know more about Hong Kong History."

"The teachers are very nice. Hope I can join more similar cultural activities and have more chances to practise my English. It's a great experience. Thanks for the preparation." 

Feedback on our Summer Course 

"The course is very useful. I will certainly recommend it to others next year."